GIRO-On-Demand (GOOD) is a flexible on-line payment mode that lets you control how much and when you want to pay. It allows you to pay for your Singtel bills as well as for others. With GOOD, you initiate when and how much to be deducted from your nominated bank account. It is a convenient and secure on-line payment mode that does not require you to open an Internet banking account.

You need to fill up the GOOD application form just once for your payment transactions. Please make sure you have activated your account in Singtel myBill before submitting the application form.

For a copy of the GOOD application form, please click here!

GIRO-On-Demand (GOOD) Application Instructions
1. Please ensure that, for thumbprints, you are required to verify it with your individual banks, before mailing the form to us.
2. After completing the application form, mail it to the following address:

Co Reg No 199201624D
Robinson Road PO Box 1730
Singapore 903430
3. Upon receiving your application form, it will be forwarded to your bank for approval. The average processing time is 3 weeks.
4. We will send you a notification once your application has been approved.
  Important Notes
If you are currently paying the Singtel monthly bills automatically through GIRO and Credit Card, you may apply for GIRO-On-Demand as an additional payment mode.
  Once your GIRO-On-Demand application is approved, you can instruct your bank to deduct any bill amount from your nominated bank account. Your bank account will be deducted only when you initiate a payment transaction using your Singtel myBill account.
  Please note that your GIRO-On-Demand will be discontinued when your Singtel myBill account is discontinued.
  To change the existing GIRO-On-Demand (GOOD) instructions, please complete and submit a new application form. The existing GOOD arrangement will be discontinued upon our notification that the new application form has been approved.
  Please note that no withdrawal is allowed once the payment is confirmed.
  We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the GIRO-On-Demand arrangement at any time at our sole discretion.
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